My 3 favourite cuisines!

I was reflecting on my diet and fitness regime the other night. I have decided, that while I can be fit, I will never really be thin. The one reason for this is that I adore food! I don’t just mean sweet dishes. I love different types of food from lots of different countries. I think that by depriving yourself of these exciting tastes, you are missing out, even if they are often not too good for the waistline.

I figured that it would make a fun blog post to write about my favourite types of food. So here are my top three cuisines:


Who doesn’t love a curry? I am not that into hot spices I have to say, but I love the different flavours that you get when you eat a curry. A Chicken Korma dish is actually nice enough for me…I know it isn’t spicy right? But that creamy Indian curry taste is hard to beat.


Well Italy is one of my all time favourite places to visit and I am a travel blogger at heart! The Italians really don’t get it wrong when it comes to food. I love pizza and pasta. They are simple and filling treats. I also really like some of the fish dishes that they do nearer the coast in Italy.


Noodles, curry and a zesty or tangy Thai dish is something that makes me very happy! I love noodles and I love cooking with a wok as well. Thai food is a different type of spice to Indian food but it is just as nice.

All this writing about food is making me very hungry. But I have to say that I only really treat myself to one exotic dish a week. Otherwise I definitely wouldn’t be able to do up my jeans!



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