Makeup Tips by Patricia Bech

With summer here, I thought I would share some makeup tips for the warmer months. I usually make some changes to my everyday makeup at this time of year. It is not as heavy and I also make sure that I find products with a high SPF. Here are some more of my summer makeup tips.

Patricia Bech Mascara
“waterproof mascara — it just lasts longer” Patricia Bech Summer Make up Tips


This is one of my makeup vitals no matter what time of the year it is. In the summer I like to wear waterproof mascara — it just lasts longer when the temperatures start to rise. I find the non-waterproof mascara smudges really easily and this can be very annoying. The same goes for eyeliner. Waterproof products are important whether or no you are jumping into the sea or a swimming pool.


I love to wear makeup all year but I do find that the heat can play havoc with your skin in the summer. I like to wear foundation that has a lot of coverage normally but at the moment I have swapped my foundation for a tinted moisturiser. It is much lighter and still gives you a healthy glow and a bit of extra sparkle. If you add some bronzer on top, then it will make sure that your cheekbones appear sunkissed and gives a really healthy look.


Lipstick is great for a night out but I also really like the natural look in the summer for both day and evening. Nothing beats lips that feel moisturised and nourished and this is wear I find lip balm great. It gives a nice natural shine but also keeps your lips from getting too dry. One of my tips is to use a lip balm with SPF so that I don’t get sunburn. In fact I always try and use a foundation or tinted moisturiser with SPF for the same reasons.



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