Let’s talk about vitamins and skincare

I am always on a quest to find the best products and tips for having a good complexion. Vitamins play a role in helping us stay healthy.

Image to go with Patricia Bech vitamin article. Lady holding orange.
I am also really interested in multivitamins and how they can benefit. It has been known that vitamins from fruit can help. Tweet me at Patricia Bech with any tips you many have for extra vitamin supplements.

I didn’t used to care much about my skin, but since the era of social media and selfies began, I have definitely become more self-conscious about it. I know there are loads and loads of Apps out there that can help give you a seemingly perfect complexion and also lots of popular filters. I don’t want to cheat all the time though and I actually want to have nice skin for real, not just in an edited selfie.

Before I get onto a discussion about multivitamins, one thing I have started to do recently is to make sure that I always apply a high SPF in the morning before I leave the house. When I have travelled for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, I have explored lots of hot countries. I have always been good at applying SPF when I am somewhere really hot, but even if it is not that sunny outside, the UV rays can be damaging for our skin.

I used to reply on makeup to help with this as lots of foundations already have an SPF, but the trouble is, if you are having a ‘no makeup day’ then you can end up leaving the house completely unprotected and forgetting to apply anything at all. This is why I think having a separate base layer of a good SPF is worth it. There are lots on the market that are just for faces too and I think these are slightly more gentle than some of the overall body SPFs.

This is helping with my skin, but I am also really interested in multivitamins and how they can benefit. My mind boggles a bit when I start looking into this though because there are so many vitamin tablets out there. They all claim to make a difference, but which ones actually do?

At the moment I am just taking a basic multivitamin from the supermarket as I feel like this covers all bases. They are quite cheap and I think that it means I won’t miss anything essential, even if it isn’t included in my diet.

Some of my friends say that extra oils are really good for your complexion, so I am interested in looking into this. If anyone has any tips about what vitamin tablets are good for skincare and keeping your skin soft and supple, please Tweet me!

I really think that what we put into our bodies definitely changes how we look in the sense that we need to nourish ourselves from within. It is no good relying on filters all the time, or makeup for the same reason. I am not looking for a miracle product at all, but just something to help, so any tips would be great!



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