Delicate snowdrops

I previously said that Medium would be a place for me to write about broader topics. Whereas my Patricia Bech Travel Notes website is mainly for posts about travel, Medium is much broader. It is where I am hosting my fitness diary and also where I am posting general blogs and photographs.

Snowdrops by Patricia Bech
Snowdrops photograph by Patricia Bech

I recent posted about beautiful primroses that I saw on my walk. I have been walking a lot more during lockdown and especially as I am trying to stay fit and healthy. An outing and some fresh air is a nice way to break up the day and I feel so much better after being outside for a little bit.

A close up of snowdrops, Patricia Bech
Image by Patricia Bech

Today I saw some snowdrops on my walk and I took a few pictures of them. Like the primroses, they are a signal of life and spring. It is freezing cold today and I very much feel as though we are in the heart of winter. That said, as soon as some flowers start to pop up, it is a reminder that better days are ahead.

Snowdrop photo Patricia Bech
Image by Patricia Bech

That said, snowdrops still signify winter to me in many ways — this is partly because of their name and also partly the colour of the flower. They do look like snowfall and frost! They are so pretty and delicate though and brightened up my walk today.

Patricia Bech Snowdrop photo
A close up of snowdrops by Patricia Bech

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