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I have been writing for a good few years now and my main topic of interest is travel. The Patricia Bech Travel Notes is my ‘writing hub’ and this is where I publish a lot of my thoughts, articles and bulletin features relating to various destinations around the world. I also write for quite a few other websites and publications about travel. As you can imagine, it has been pretty challenging to write about my favourite subject during the pandemic!

Patricia Bech Fitness Diary focuses on a journey to better physical and mental health

Therefore I have been wanting to branch out and expand the Patricia Bech Travel Notes for some time, but equally…

I am so glad that swimming pools are open again. I have been missing being able to go swimming. From a fitness perspective, everybody always says that it is one of the best forms of exercise. You can work so many different parts of your body and there is no impact.

Here are a few of the benefits of swimming:

Weight loss — Can you remember being a child and always feeling really hungry after swimming? That is because you work up an appetite by burning a lot of calories. …

I am so happy that the clocks have changed because it makes the days so much longer! I have not been as disciplined during the run up to Easter with my fitness as I would have liked to have been.

Walking — Patricia Bech Fitness Diary

That said I do think it is important to mix it up and not feel like you always have to do a hard slog to be able to counter a big dinner or a chocolate egg! …

As I have explained before, I want to use my Medium page to be able to write about a few different things and not just travel, like I do on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. My medium page is hosting my fitness diary but it also gives me space to write about other fun topics. Today I want to blog about a new foundation that I have discovered. Well, actually it is not technically a foundation. It is more like a tinted moisturiser.

With spring just around the corner, I prefer to use lighter products at this time of year…

I always said that I would mix my posts up a bit on Medium and not just write about one topic. Today, I thought I would post some daffodil photos. Yes… they are out!! It has made me so happy to see these joyous bright flowers. They really are a sign that spring has arrived and is well and truly here!

Daffodils photographed by Patricia Bech

I have been walking a lot during lockdown and watching nature has been so much fun. Even more so now that the lovely flowers are all poking up. Primroses, snowdrops and daffodils are all very pretty indeed!

Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Great read - very true that it is all about discipline!

I have been writing my Patricia Bech Fitness Diary since the start of the year. I began a new regime during lockdown to try and get fit but also to experiment with different types of exercise. As a lover of the great outdoors, I have always enjoyed walking and running though the countryside.

Stretching article by Patricia Bech
Stretching article by Patricia Bech
Patricia Bech: “I think it is important to stretch everyday”

Since focusing more on the benefit of exercise, I have added more types of fitness work into my schedule. This includes weight training, pilates, yoga and also stretching!

Today I thought I would write a little but about stretching. This is not professional advice by any means…

So with gyms currently closed, I have been trying to do my own fitness regime at home. As you will have read in my Fitness Diary entries, I am trying to mix up my exercise as much as possible. I am going it not only for my physical health by also my mental health.

Home workout Patricia Bech
Home workout Patricia Bech
Today for the Patricia Bech Fitness Diary I am writing about home arm workouts

Although working out makes you feel good generally, I am finding my outdoor walks best for improving my mindset. I think it is because I enjoy the different environment, the change of scene and the nature that you can enjoy.

But the trouble with walking is…

I previously said that Medium would be a place for me to write about broader topics. Whereas my Patricia Bech Travel Notes website is mainly for posts about travel, Medium is much broader. It is where I am hosting my fitness diary and also where I am posting general blogs and photographs.

Snowdrops by Patricia Bech
Snowdrops by Patricia Bech
Snowdrops photograph by Patricia Bech

I recent posted about beautiful primroses that I saw on my walk. I have been walking a lot more during lockdown and especially as I am trying to stay fit and healthy. …

Last time I wrote about my fitness journey, it was my first post on Medium. It explained the reasons why I have decided to start a new regime. There are so many benefits to having good physical and mental health and I think it is also nice to have a goal during lockdown.

The Patricia Bech Fitness Diary includes benefits of HIIT at home

For some people, it can be overwhelming joining the world of fitness. I have set myself a goal of trying to stay as active as possible and this includes setting some time aside every single day to do some exercise.

I have always been a walker and…

Patricia Bech

Patricia Bech is a writer and blogger with an interest in travel, fitness and lifestyle.

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