Now that we are in November, I feel like I can start talking about Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year and I always want to start talking about it in September, but it does drive my friends absolutely mad!

Stocking filler ideas by Patricia Bech
I love make up in my stocking and I am a big fan of Rimmel — Patricia Bech

I have been thinking about stocking fillers recently…

I have been listening to the radio a lot recently and there have been quite a few adverts promoting Stoptober. This is an initiative that has been set up to try and help people quite smoking. I have also heard that some people like to quit alcohol for the month…

I love writing about travel but I also enjoy beauty writing. I always intended my Medium page would be a mix of different articles. Today, I want to share my tips for good skin!

Pick a good makeup and skincare brand. I love Loreal. It is affordable as a brand…

I always said that I would mix my posts up a bit on Medium and not just write about one topic. Today, I thought I would post some daffodil photos. Yes… they are out!! It has made me so happy to see these joyous bright flowers. They really are a sign that spring has arrived and is well and truly here!

Daffodils photographed by Patricia Bech

I have been walking a lot during lockdown and watching nature has been so much fun. Even more so now that the lovely flowers are all poking up. Primroses, snowdrops and daffodils are all very pretty indeed!

Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Patricia Bech

Patricia Bech is a writer and blogger with an interest in travel, fitness and lifestyle.

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